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Crochet Crowd Challenges
Crochet Crowd Challenges

Our Monthly Challenges

Be part of our Crochet Challenges that run nearly every month here on The Crochet Crowd. We receive a lot of email regarding how it works and how to participate. This article will detail a general overview.

As of January 1, 2015, all Crochet Challenges are sponsored by


  1. Participation and entries are open to the entire community of The Crochet Crowd. This includes all regions on planet earth.
  2. Though we are sponsored by Yarnspirations, you may use any yarn you have access to.
  3. The project requirements are generally announced between 1 – 2 weeks before the launch to ensure people can gather materials or check their supplies. We don’t spoil the surprise by sharing exactly what the project is until the day of the launch.
  4. Though we are requested a lot to reveal our challenges in advance, we don’t share this information to not ruin the surprise.
  5. The project is shown on the challenge with specific information.
  6. You are not required to register or sign up for the challenge. You just need to complete it and send us a photo when you are done to be added to our Flickr Gallery as being a part of our community challenge.

Avoid Disappointment – Read Challenge Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to avoid being really upset with yourself and avoid disappointment.

  1. Each challenge has its own instructions and guidelines. Read through them to ensure you know the rules.
  2. We move onto the next challenge after the set deadline to find new and fun projects to continue our educational experiences.
  3. Pay extra attention to details pertaining to the pattern. Some crocheters believe that cutting corners and reducing the size of a project will qualify. In some cases, we give options for making smaller sizes. This sizing difference is stated on each challenge and is not a general rule across the board.
  4. We have discovered that some people like to do camera tricks where the item isn’t actually finished but photographed in a way to make it appear done. Such things like folding a project or hanging it over an item where a portion cannot be seen. This will automatically disqualify an entry. If you have done this in error, you are welcome to take another photo of the entire project and re-submit. If we have a concern, we will email you back expressing what we are concerned about.
  5. In projects such as afghans, we count squares or rows in a project. The photo must be clear enough for us to examine.
  6. Most of the challenges, we have rules where the base pattern must be the same stitches. It’s only after the pattern is actually completed where you may embellish or add your own personal touches. For example, in some cases, crocheters don’t like the look of a stitch and substitute it and/or use an existing project they already crocheted before but isn’t the same project. This will disqualify the entry. To keep our challenges fair, the base patterns must be followed.


Photo Submissions

  1. There is no photo changing after submission. If you realize afterwards that you don’t like your photo and want it changed for a different one, we will not change it. Ensure the photo you want in the gallery is the photo you send to us. It’s better to take the photos in natural daylight than at 3 am where the lighting makes it hard to appreciate the artwork.
  2. When you are completed your project, go back to the challenge and follow the instructions for emailing us your finished entry.
  3. Submissions through other methods that include messages through Facebook, private emails to Mikey or Cathy, texting and or other ways will not be accepted.
  4. On occasion, some contestants complain their item isn’t in the gallery. 99% of the time it’s a result of the email not being received. It’s something we cannot control but is known to happen.
  5. We do not upload your photo to Facebook. If you want to show & tell your work, please upload it to our Facebook on your own. This allows you to maintain control of your photographs.
  6. Uploads to our Facebook wall do not count as a submission, you must use email your photo to us to qualify.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure you check to ensure your photo is in the gallery.

After the Challenge

  1. We will accept photos after the draw. Some of our challengers don’t get it done on time but would still like an opportunity to be in our gallery.
  2. We do not use your challenge emails for marketing campaigns to add to our email list. We do not rent, sell or exchange our email lists with anyone.


The Crochet Crowd, being Canadian, has always been about being inclusive. Due to International Laws with country, territory, state and provincial regulations. We can no longer offer prizes with our challenges and be inclusive to all members of The Crochet Crowd.

The restrictions prevents us from being able to offer prizing to our entire community; therefore, we have eliminated our prizing element to be fair to everyone.

Our challenges are about doing a fun project together as a community and learning new skills. We do not want to discontinue the free learning aspect and community vibe that we have created. We will still continue doing our challenges and acknowledging the creativity throughout the challenge period. The true prize is the community element and having a finished project worthy of celebration.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please refer to the individual challenges for specific information on the project.